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Reimagining Credit Card Personalization

Analytics | User Experience Design | User Testing | Machine Learning | Web Development

Project Overview

Capital One was looking to optimize their existing revenue channels and how to better target their customers with more relevant products. Since 70% of new credit card applicants did not not complete sign-up, the objective was to personalize offers and better match the intent of a prospective CapitalOne.com customer to a relevant credit card offer. We took a look at people's decision making around credit cards and built a better solution.


Kunai built and deployed five test concepts for CapitalOne to deploy and learn from. We then guided the Capital One digital team on how to replicate this process internally for future product learnings. With our guidance, plans are currently underway to implement a machine learning system to analyze clickstream data and dynamically update content. This will match the user profile of the visitor to CapitalOne.com.