Our Work

Saving gig workers time by automating mileage tracking for taxes

With the advent of the gig economy comes a reconciliation headache for people who use their car for work. Keeping a manual travel log to tie travel expenses to tax deductions is cumbersome. There must be a better way.

Transforming legacy tech to use modern tools and best in class UX

Our client’s customer appointment setting experience was completely disjointed from their legacy infrastructure. We were asked to design and build the integrations required for a central interface. Kunai integrated over 15 stand-alone software components, connecting billing, marketing, subscriptions, and even customer servicing into a best in class user experience.

Protecting Sensitive Data while Saving $30M

One of the largest tax firms in the world was losing tens of millions on data operations every year. They had seen too many data breach incidents as a result of poor security and compliance. To protect their business and their customers’ data they needed a secure cloud-based system that would enable collaboration without sacrificing security or governance requirements.

Reimagining Credit Card Personalization

Capital One was looking to optimize their existing revenue channels and how to better target their customers with more relevant products. Since 70% of new credit card applicants did not not complete sign-up, the objective was to personalize offers and better match the intent of a prospective CapitalOne.com customer to a relevant credit card offer. We took a look at people's decision making around credit cards and built a better solution.