Is the Stock Market Benefitting from the Pandemic’s Epidemic of Boredom?

In this shutdown, the entertainment value of financial investing shines.

COBOL: A Forgotten Technology at the Heart of COVID Stimulus Payments

As the US Treasury pumps more money into the much-needed stimulus package, the technology running the mainframes is on life support—and it can’t afford to get sick.

Profile: Youhee Choi

Mo hai, I’m Youhee. I’m at the nexus of people and products.

Our New Contact Tracing App Helps Make Offices Safe Again

As the world waits to take its first steps back to work, contact tracing can pave the way for businesses to open up safely following the COVID-19 crisis.

Profile: Maya Kumits

Hey, I’m Maya. I cultivate code so it grows with direction and purpose.

Profile: Andrii Gorishnii

Pryvit! I’m Andrii. I’m a hands-on developer with an eye for the bigger picture.

Carrying On Remotely

Due to the global health crisis, companies need to prepare overnight for the transition to remote work.‍This is particularly challenging in industries like financial services, where there are unique challenges when it comes to areas such as security.

Profile: Angela Milash

Hello, I’m Angela. They call me the linchpin for getting products built. I rally cross-functional teams around the "why" of what we're building, and deliver world-class products to startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Trust No 1

The current security model is simple. We trust everybody that works in IT with almost everything, and when something is sensitive we trust a somewhat smaller group of people

Three May Keep a Secret if Two Are Dead: Protect Sensitive Data Without Killing Your IT Staff

You should never trust any one person or system with data of significant value. Instead you need at least three parties.

Is it Gold? Cash? Or a Ponzi Scheme? Three ways to value Bitcoin.

Economists are just beginning to wrap their heads around the economics of Bitcoin. During the next ten years, useful models will emerge, and there will be Nobel prizes awarded to those who can teach us how to best think about this new world. Until th

Plastic Past: The history of the credit card

Fiat money is a 4,000 year old socio-cultural institution. The modern credit card system, on the other hand, is only about 40 - 60 years old.

A Primer for Working Remotely

I’ve been managing fully remote and mixed on-shore off-scope teams for a decade now. Here are few best practices for teams who are suddenly at home working

Open Banking Begins at Home: What US Banks can Learn from an Email Jeff Bezos sent in 2002

Open Banking is a simple idea. Third parties would gain access to bank data via an API. If the data belongs to a bank customer, the customer would authorize the third party to use it.

When does a bank become a tech company?

...if adopting technology simply strengthens your current business, as opposed to making it uniquely possible, you are not a (disruptive) tech company.