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In 1891, American Express developed the first large scale alternative to cash: the traveler's cheque.  The company's storied history has resulted in a brand synonymous with high-end luxury and industry-leading security.

During the past few years, Kunai has worked on several automation projects with Amex, but few have had a higher impact than our partnership with the company's commercial sales organization.

Kunai helped to automate the collection and processing of sales data, transforming a slow, manual process into real-time insights and automated dashboards. Kunai designed and developed a top-to-bottom solution, including back-end data integration, cloud-hosting implementation, and front-end application design & development.

Sales executives previously waited weeks to receive critical data; they now get the insights they need in real time. Comp plans, sales outcomes, and other reports are no longer stuck in legacy systems and manual processes.

The final dashboard offers several roles with varying levels of data access, and sales executives can run models that forecast future results based on existing trends.

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