Our Story

We are Kunai. We're a team of product managers, engineers, and designers. We're rock climbers, artists, and surfers. We're New Yorkers, Ukrainians, and San Franciscans.

We have led innovation for large financial institutions for over a decade. If you are ready to roll your sleeves up and build the future, let's talk.

Our Beliefs

1. Technology is about people

Our processes are tailored to making sure that developers get ramped up quickly and smoothly so that you can start building.

(This is why Capital One acquired part of our agency in 2015.)

2. Remote work...works

If your organization is limited to recruiting in a few cities, you can't compete with companies who can work from and with people anywhere in the world.

3. Iterate quickly

When you put things out there quickly, you get feedback quickly. This is how we ensure every product gets built fast and delights customers.

4. Small is better

We accelerate digital transformation with a small, scrappy global team that knows how to get to work.

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